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    Greubel Forsey GMT Quadruple Tourbillon: Rotating Earth with Four Tourbillons in Orbit

    Greubel Forsey launches GMT Quadruple Tourbillon, a timepiece that combines GMT Earth's incredible titanium with multiple time zone complications, and the brand's second basic invention Quadruple Tourbillon.Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° Vision White gold silvered gold dial

    Combining these two amazing elements into one watch is a very challenging task: a new movement must be created, and the Quadruple Tourbillon GMT once again proves the brand's mastery in the art of precision timing architecture.

    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Greubel Forsey
    Robert Greubel, Stephen Forsey and his team have never done anything like other brands. Therefore, there is reason to think that adding time zone functionality to Greubel Forsey watches is not easy, but practical. The four-body tourbillon GMT from Greubel and Fuchs felt that it needed to focus on reinterpreting the tourbillon clock mechanism after so long.

    The "GMT" in the GMT quadruple tourbillon replica swiss watches is derived from the patented GMT in 2011 and the GMT Earth in 2018, both of which significantly raise the standard of GMT complexity. In addition to displaying the intuitive world time function, this function also displays two additional time zones (three time zones are displayed on the watch in total). This function is graphically displayed by a large hand-painted titanium ball pen and completes a complete rotation every 24 hours (thus Earth Model) Miniature).

    On GMT earth, the sphere of the dial extends all the way to the rear of the movement, including the southern hemisphere and the South Pole. This is not possible on the quadruple tourbillon GMT due to the four tourbillons. Instead, the bottom of the earth is covered by a display of world time cities.

    Most of the southern hemisphere and the equator can be seen from the sapphire crystal side window, while the northern hemisphere can be seen from the dial.

    Four Tourbillons by Greubel Forsey

    Four tourbillon à Différentiel Sphérique wrapped in platinum was launched in 2005. It is equipped with four rotating tourbillon carriers in one movement. The duo was patented in

    The-two of the first basic inventions of all three prerequisites for the dual tourbillon 30 °, the four-body tourbillon, and the 24-second tourbillon-are to improve the accuracy of the tourbillon. Abraham-Louis Breguet, the inventor of the tourbillon, conceived a pocket watch, which was patented in only one position. In 1801, it was released. The flywheel is as effective as possible for the watch and is constantly positioned in different positions.

    The Quadruple Tourbillon was made of rose gold in 2009, and then launched again in platinum and all black in 2017. It was followed by the amazing Quadruple Tourbillon Blue. Its exquisite, perfect black polished dial greatly covered the tourbillon Technical strength. Invention-if possible.Michele Deco Two-Tone Diamond MWW06P000108

    From the first day, the premise of the quadruple tourbillon has remained the same: the four tourbillons are arranged in pairs in a compact cage system and connected by a spherical differential. Each of these two systems is modeled as a 30 ° double tourbillon, including a first tourbillon cage tilted 30 degrees, and a "normal" one-minute rotation in a second cage, which takes four minutes Perform a complete rotation.

    The combination of inclination and different speeds averages the position change of the timing, and the difference averages the timing of each tourbillon pair. The high-precision system has been awarded two patents. Bremont Jaguar replica watches


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